Town of
Parker's Cove


The community of Parker's Cove is located on the Burin Peninsula in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. It is located 40 km north of Marystown and 104 km from the Trans Canada Highway (TCH). Parker's Cove is located in a small inlet of Placentia Bay near the communities of Boat Harbour and Brookside. These communities along with Baine Harbour and Rushoon are all located within 10kms of each other by paved road.

The current population of Parker's Cove is 310, living in 120 households.  Many of the residents are experienced and skilled workers who find employment in Marystown, Long Harbour or in the Alberta oil industry.

Parker's Cove has good community spirit. The church, clinic and community hall were all built during the 1960s by residents of the community working for free labour. Recently the community hall and church were  renovated using free labour and a new playground was built. The community is fully serviced with a water and sewer system. We have a good soccer field, community playground and recreation centre. Parker's Cove is a scenic community with well maintained properties.