Town of
Parker's Cove

Friday July 29 -- Registration Meet and Greet Flag raising-Bring a flag from a place where you have lived, locally made flags, family flags, Finger foods to be served, Fireworks, "Come as You Were" Dance -Dress from your era as a teenager, Music By Alec Murphy's sound system Free admission

Sat. July 30 -- Old time games such as a piddley tournament, Evening Dart shoot for teens, Soup Service during the day, preteen dance in the evening, Adult dance with band Stag and Pitcher Dance tickets $10

Sunday July 31 -- Mass, Old fashioned Garden party with cold plate suppers, Teen movie in the evening, Afternoon children's entertainment-The Beni Malone Clown Show and children's workshop, Bingo

Monday Aug 1-- Newfoundland theme day, Newfoundland Buffet, Screech In.. Music by Ambrose Hickey and friends . Kids movie in the afternoon, Afternoon card games for adults  Dance tickets $10     Adult dart shoot in the aftenoon

Tuesday Aug 2 -- Dinner Theatre with hot roast beef-Community history theme day, Mixed softball tournament, Parent children games, Breakfast on the walk/breakwater, teen party or dance after dinner theatre

Wednesday Aug 3 -- Casino/ Game/ "Vegas" Night, Evening performance by Albert Murphy-The Elvis Tribute Show --
Mexican food,  Afternoon soccer tournament 6 on 6, 

Thursday Aug 4 -- Christmas Theme day- Pancake breakfast, Parade, Santa visit, Cake, cookies and tea in the hall, Christmas concert, Mummers dance with sound system Dance tickets $10

Friday Aug 5-- Gully walk in the morning, Beach volleyball,  Talent Show, teen dance at night

Sat. Aug 6--Cemetery mass, Picnic in Coast Cove, Adult Dance with band Redline Dance tickets $10

Sunday Aug 7 -- Community Sunday Dinner followed by concert on the field and closing ceremony